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Make sure you have the best transportation in a unique luxury vehicle...

When it comes to an event as important as your wedding, be sure you have only the best, especially when it comes to your wedding day transportation! Be sure you have transportation from Limousine Cleveland! Our services are top-rated for weddings, and here's why: At Limousine Cleveland, we are 100% committed to client satisfaction. We not only offer the finest vehicles in the Cleveland area, but we also offer the friendliest service and most affordable rates. When you choose Limousine Cleveland, you can expect to be transported in a top-notch luxury limousine or limo bus with a spacious interior and comfortable amenities like mood lighting, onboard bars, TVs, great audio, and so much more. You'll enjoy a vehicle that's been meticulously maintained inside and out. You'll also love our friendly service from the moment you call to book to the moment we drop you off at the end of your rental - we know how important your wedding day is, and we strive to provide service that helps the day go off without a hitch! Best of all, you'll enjoy our affordable rates. There's simply no better choice for your wedding day transportation! You deserve the best, and we provide the best in transportation!

Looking for more unique wedding options? We have a few ideas...

Wedding cakes: Tiered cakes, mini cakes, and cupcakes!

One of the most important parts of your wedding is the cake. Not only are you looking for something that's going to be delicious (and that everyone will remember), but you're choosing something that will be incorporated into your wedding design and color scheme. It's also one of the more fun tasks of wedding planning - who doesn't want to spend some time tasting cake? There are several ways you can make your cake unique - in fact, you don't even have to make a traditional cake! While traditional tiered cakes will, of course, always be what we all first envision when we think of wedding cakes, recent trends are moving to mini cakes and even cupcakes. Mini cakes and cupcakes are a great way to offer a greater variety of flavors for your guests, and they take the guesswork out of serving sizes. But an intricately designed wedding cake is always a beautiful choice, and you'll need a cake if you want some traditional cake-cutting photos!

Regardless of what sort of dessert you choose, you should always research before choosing a bakery. As with any vendor, check reviews and check with friends and family who may have used the company before. Get a list of places you'd like to meet with and then move forward. Meetings are important because it's a chance for you to meet the vendor, to see samples of their work, and to convey what it is you're looking for and see if it's something they can provide. We suggest always meeting with more than one vendor so you know you're making the best choice for your wedding. Luckily, Cleveland has some fantastic bakeries, so finding the perfect one for you shouldn't be a problem! For other wedding ideas see Weddings in Lansing MI and Denver Weddings

Wedding bouquets: Floral, paper, knit, and brooch!

Every bride wants a beautiful bouquet. Today, there seem to be more options than ever for any sort of floral arrangement and alternatives. Classic floral arrangements will always be a staple for weddings and are likely to remain the most common bouquets you'll see. But these days, many brides are turning towards floral alternatives like paper bouquets, crochet or knitted bouquets, and even brooch bouquets! Each style of bouquet is uniquely beautiful! Cleveland is home to some great florists in both the traditional and alternative senses, and finding any style of bouquet to suit your tastes should be fairly easy in this great city. Just as we mentioned above, when looking for bakeries, the best thing you can do is to check reviews, consider family or friends who have used them before, and set up a meeting so you can describe what it is you're looking for and see samples of their work! Take your time and choose what's right for you, and you're sure to have a beautiful, unique wedding bouquet.

To some, choosing a wedding photographer may seem like a straightforward enough task, but it is, in fact, like any other wedding planning task that requires research and attention to detail. You're going to want to find a photographer who can fit your specific needs. Do you want several posted photos or candid shots? Will a bulk of your photos be indoors or out? There are several styles of photography, which is why it's important to talk about what you want with the photographer and view samples of their work.

Start by getting recommendations from family and friends and searching for companies and reviews online. Make a few phone calls, and once you have a list narrowed down by budget, you can begin meeting with the photographers to express what it is you're looking for and view their work. Remember to ask what type of equipment they use and what sort of programs they use for photo editing. There are countless photographers in Cleveland. We're sure you'll have no problem finding the one best suited for your wedding!