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Cleveland is a town on the rise! There's so much to do and see in this great city, that you might get overwhelmed trying to drive to see everything in one night. You might consider some mainstays like the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame, West Side Market, a sporting event at one of the local stadiums, or even going for a great night out at the Warehouse District or The Flats. Whatever you choose to do, you'll do well to let us chauffeur you around town so that you can take in all the sights, and not have to worry about a thing... other than to have a great time!

There's a lot of limousine type companies around town these days. To become the preferred choice of limousine customers takes a dedication beyond satisfaction with adequacy. Adequate is fine for taxis and regular buses, but for a limousine company much more is expected. Our great staff really understands this and is willing to go beyond the extra mile to insure that you are wowed by our service and by our great vehicles. From the start of your experience with us to the end, you'll find our customer care representatives to be exemplary in handling any question or concern that might arise. They will gently guide you through the booking process and explain our policies and guidelines so that there is no question left unanswered. Our maintenance staff too, is excellence in motion. They tirelessly work behind the scenes to insure the cleanliness and full operability of each and every one of our stellar fleet.

The visible "stars of the show," however, are our outstanding, professional chauffeurs. We've worked hard to obtain and retain the services of the finest and most consummate professional chauffeurs that we can find. When a chauffeur agrees to work with us, they do so knowing that they are joining a team of superstars who leave no little detail unattended. Because, even the most minute detail can have such an effect on how your evening turns out. We want you to be supremely satisfied, and having a great staff makes all the difference.

We'd love to get on the phone with you and tell you even more about our exciting fleet of vehicles, our outstanding staff both in the office and on the road, and all the reasons that traveling with us makes your parties that much more exciting! It's a thrilling business to be in, especially at a time like this when we can really make a difference for our customers who have been hit hard by the economic changes and are working on a tight budget. We try to make a difference for the Earth too, by being an ecologically friendly company that only purchases brand new buses and keeps them in like-new condition to use less fuel overall. Our mode of travel is essentially the ultimate carpooling experience, so rather than heading out in multiple vehicles and really polluting the airways, you're heading out together as a large group and using fewer resources. Smart, safe, and cool! Just like you.

Your events are even more mind blowing when you include transportation from us. After all, you'll be able to hit all the bars and clubs without having to find a designated driver. You'll avoid the traffic and parking hassles at concerts and sporting events. You'll be able to party on the road with whatever beverages you desire thanks to our built-in bars! You can choose a super elegant vehicle for your wedding day or a super wild vehicle for your bachelor or bachelorette party! If you're the cultural type, you might enjoy touring the local museums and galleries while having the comfort of our buses in between stops. And of course, if you're a parent looking for safe transportation for your kids during their proms and graduations, you'll be able to enjoy that worry-free evening, knowing that your kids aren't on the road with their friends behind the wheel who might text and drive.

Now that you understand where we stand as an organization. You'll want to get on to the exciting part... choosing which fine vehicle you'll be styling in on the day of your big event! Take a look around, and you'll see an exemplary selection of outstanding vehicles in as good as new condition. They all feature superb amenities and have a great selection of entertainment goodies to keep your group occupied while on the road. You can always call for more information, or if you decide you're ready to get booked up for your selected date. We're always happy to hear from you, and won't rest until you're satisfied.

We have the most luxurious fleet of party buses!

Visit our fleet page to learn more about our fantastic vehicles! We're put together a plethora of pictures and feature lists so that you can get a good tour of the vehicles without having to come down to our lot, but if you would prefer to come out and pay us a visit, please do! No matter what your event, we have the perfect vehicle for you. Our vehicles feature comfortable seating, spacious interiors, on board bars, concert-quality sound systems and more! Find the luxury vehicle of your dreams today! Our partners in other cities across the country outside of Cleveland have just as nice of a fleet. Visit them by clicking here or here and looking at their sites.

Our services are available for all events!

Getting married? Celebrating a birthday? Just having a night out in Cleveland? Our services are available for anything you have planned! We talked a bit about our versatility above and our events page goes into even further detail about the types of events that we service most frequently. There's really no limit to the types of parties that we can handle. Even if it's the most unique event that you've ever planned or attended, we've got ways to add to the valuable experience and provide you with really impressive wheels that will have your friends smiling and thinking you are just the best! Impress them and leave them with a happy vibe by inviting them on your fun outing with us. Split the cost with them to make it an even more affordable night out, or treat them and show off your exquisite taste and generosity! Visit our events page to learn more!

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